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 What If m Not Real

a collaborative short film by the v02 collective : directed by Kooj Chuhan
 a virtual migrants production

As if from a dream, a poetís narration gives life to three masked figures each on a raft at sea, emerging across a landless and timeless space.  The intertwined conflicts between a parent, a child and officialdom are emotively played out with bloody consequences to create a provocative physical drama which allows a simple and human understanding of asylum and global terror to take place.

Using an alienating yet entrancingly disturbing soundtrack, the film develops incredible atmosphere and nail-biting intensity within a short period of time.  Digital techniques combine with natural film textures and grading to augment a particularly haunting social statement about the powers and pawns in the world we inhabit.  Utilising a rich yet minimalistic set of poetic metaphors, the film was devised in a collaborative way over a period of two years, and was shot on location in the Lake District and in Manchester.

Cast - Poet: Tang Lin - Adult: Razia Mohamed - Child: Zahira Mohamed - Official: Aidan Jolly :: Costumes & Masks: Hafiza Mohamed :: Visualisation: Miselo Kunda :: Music composed and performed by Aidan Jolly in collaboration with Jilah Bakshayesh :: Original concept researched and developed by the virtual migrants v02 collective, based on poetry written by Tang Lin :: Evolved script by: Kooj Chuhan :: Camera: Kooj Chuhan :: Location design, assistance and construction: Ian Broscomb :: Production Management: Kooj Chuhan & Aidan Jolly :: Thanks to: Welfare State International, Alan Cleasby, Contact Theatre and Gail Skelly :: Editing by Kooj Chuhan :: Directed by: Kooj Chuhan

the v02 collective are: Jilah Bakshayesh, Tang Lin, Miselo Anaku-Kunda, Kooj Chuhan, Hafiza Mohamed and Aidan Jolly.

Originally created as a multi-screen video installation.

Made with remembrance for the 58 human souls from China who tragically suffocated in a lorry container whilst trying to enter Britain in June 2000.

© 2005, virtual migrants       run time: 5 mins       format: DV-CAM / DigiBETA

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