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PASSENGER coincided with the EXHALE publication originally launched with integrated screening events in 2007.


PASSENGER  X  (prequel to the later Passenger show)
multimedia music performance

an emotional drive through secrecy, denial and fake existence

by virtual migrants


conscious live music and interactive multimedia projection

by artists from Glasgow, Manchester and London


An experimental PREQUEL to the Passenger performance, titled "PASSENGER-X", took place at 8pm on July 23rd 2006, at The Late Room, 23 Peter Street, Manchester M2 5QR, as part of the Futuresonic 2006 festival.  This was the first time the collaborators worked together to mark the beginning of the process.  Further details on the leaflet images below.


including hip-hop from young rappers 4-D (Glasgow)

experimental sound art from Poulomi Desai (London)

acoustic folk and dissonant samples from Aidan Jolly and Jilah Bakhshayesh (Manchester)

and multimedia video projections from Kooj Chuhan (Manchester)


+ featuring "Stranger Audio" musical collaboration with acclaimed interactive media artist Keith Piper 


An incredible range of dynamic and creative expression connecting with the lives and global scenarios for people denied status in the UK, using live music and projections which respond to each other in real time performance to produce a rich narrative and texture.  Includes for the first time live music performance to accompany interactive ROM works by Keith Piper, and original music in contrasting genres brought together by the theme and complemented by visual footage created over a period of five years.

The new version of this performance will premiere with the Exhale launch event at Manchester's Green Room on 23rd March 2007.

Excerpt of Passenger X on You Tube, presenting Poulomi Desai's collaboration with VJ / visual projection by Kooj Chuhan, at this link: