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PASSENGER coincided with the EXHALE publication originally launched with integrated screening events in 2007.



REROUTE (passenger 3)
by virtual migrants
multimedia art / live music performance / short films
4pm, Saturday 8th September
at Martin Harris Building (Manchester University), Coupland Street (off Oxford Road), Manchester M13 9PL
a special informal performance and screening for the Creolising Europe international conference - free entry to the public or voluntary donation
with video-media artist Kooj Chuhan and musicians Aidan Jolly, Jilah Bakhshayesh and Arash Fayyazi, plus singer and vocal-word artist Segun Lee-French, and including original work by acclaimed visual artist Keith Piper.  


REROUTE takes us on a journey of juxtapositions, statements and pan-global relations across the human borders that burn us, using both lyrical rhythm and visual collision, and continuing the Passenger series of multimedia performances.  A must-see artistic collaboration weaving a narrative which includes an Iranian Tar (played by Arash Fayyazi) responding to projected poetry performed by Tang Lin and Khasrow Mustafa, selected short film works, live vj-art, intelligent improvised acoustica and songs.  After a well-received installation-performance at SIGGRAPH in San Diego last month, this is a rare chance to see Virtual Migrants' work in a more intimate setting.



plus: Re-Launch of the new "EXHALE" publication, presenting 5 years of video, music and electronic art engaging with asylum and migration in a new world order

consisting of DVD, audio-CD and two booklets with 40 pages of essays, images and contexts, on sale at a reduced price for this night only!  Otherwise available to purchase online NOW for just 15.99 - full details at


Virtual Migrants celebrate and present a selection of the work produced over the last 5 years, from the ground-breaking Terminal Frontiers exhibition to their variant musical collaborations (including with Hip-Hop band 4D).  Created with and by a range of artists and collaborators across the UK from Glasgow to Plymouth, these works deconstruct the polemical and varying experiences of asylum in a globalised post-9/11 world, colliding documentary realism with poetic imagination, the personal with the epic, and including the unmissable Reroute performance.


For more information on the Creolising Europe conference organised by the Migration and Diaspora Cultural Studies Network (based at Manchester University), use this link: