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collaborative video and audio reflections from glasgow to plymouth

The collaborative project “The Next Breath”  emerged during the Terminal Frontiers tour and is the result of collaborations with local artists and people in Glasgow, Derby, West London and Plymouth, comprising a series of single-screen video works, a series of audio works, live collaborations and an interactive work.  The series of video works often involve soundtrack leads initiating and defining their momentum, and the series of audio works involve a wide range of musical collaborators including afro-french hip-hop, kurdish santoor, and spoken poetry.  A wide number of artistic collaborators have been involved, such as Poulomi Desai, Sophie Powell, Corey Mwamba, Khasrow Mustafa and others.  Through this set of works a range of intimate portraits, reflections, dialogues, contexts and experiences around asylum and refuge emerge.  

In Glasgow, for example, with the young music group “4D” (whose members are from Iran, Zimbabwe, Armenia and Sri Lanka) we produced a video piece built around the daily threats and regular attacks which they experience in their estate, to which local campaigner Mohammed Asif contributed an incisive commentary.  In London, work with young women from Somalia, Iraq and the Seychelles along with local artist Poulomi Desai created an abstract fictional narrative in which characters exist looking for the other half of their fragment of a personal photograph, and begin to complete their jigsaw through finding each other.  Then in Plymouth the emphasis was on deconstructing the local colonial legacies through multimedia video, working with a range of artists such as the poet Khasrow Mustapha, the santoor player Marywan Mahmud, and the actor Ramazan Mohammed.

The audio works involve a wide range of musical collaborators including Afro-French hip-hop, Kurdish semi-classical, and spoken poetry, along with a montage of found sounds and textures.  Live art-performances and interactive projects also took place.

Next Breath Events in 2007:  "EXHALE"
Along with the Terminal Frontiers works, the combined works will form a significant publication entitled "EXHALE".  To coincide with the launch of this publication in autumn 2006, “The Next Breath” project will be presented for the first time within a touring event from late 2006 and 2007 also entitled "EXHALE" (for more details, go to EXHALE)


"Surviving In Shawbridge"
video production by Kooj Chuhan: the racist violence received by a migrant teenage music group called "4-D" based in Glasgow
"The Road Home"
video by Kooj Chuhan a collaboration with local artists seeking asylum in Derby, conveys the heaviness of their continuing journeys and the attempt to retain their creative expressions
"I Think I Know You"
drama video: three women in search of missing photo fragments find some resolution though a chance befriending with each other
"Red Road Takes"
music and textural audio works by Aidan Jolly with residents of the Red Road flats in Glasgow
"No Dogs"
video production connecting with the Irish experience in Glasgow, by artists Kooj Chuhan, Iseult Timmermans and Aidan Jolly
"Sector 17"
interactive multimedia CD-ROM created by artists Aidan Jolly, Kooj Chuhan and Sophie Powell with Duffield Road PRU in Derby
"Our Plymouth, This Land"
 video exploring the heritage of slavery and imperialism according to the experiences of young refugees and migrants, set to a fusion soundtrack involving Iranian-Kurdish Santoor
"Used To Change"
a solo monologue from Fardows Yasin set to a beat track and airflight visuals talks about settlement, home and change from a migrants' point of view