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Intro to The Centre Cannot Hold project

Climate Migration, Science & Asylum

Climate Justice, Science & Refugees EVENT



Digital Media and Video Training for Refugee Groups


A new project: Climate Change, Migration and Asylum

Resources for this training project can be downloaded from these links:

DAY 1 - A: Camera skills

DAY 1 - B: Interview methods

DAY 1 - C: Question possibilities for the climate change testimonies for refugees project

DAY 2 - A: Video editing - introduction and file conversion

DAY 2 - B:  Editing using Windows Movie maker

DAY 3 - Using YouTube, Creating a Blog, and embedding video in the Blog

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YouTube video links for the examples which Kooj showed the students on the first training day:

Quick peek at Bad vid: Stigmatization of Roma and Travellers in France

Quick peek at BAD VID: SOAS Campaign Against Deportation of Cleaners - Unjum Mirza - June 19 2009

16k views: Deported Asylum Seekers Tortured in DRC CONGO!

4.5k views: Refugee Action: The Destitution Trap

3.5k views: Red Cross Refugee Week 2009 - 'Change Your Status'

4k views: Flip Ultra HD vs Kodak Zi8 - Which One Is Better?

180k views: ANOTHER Oil Rig Explosion?! REALLY?!

800 views: WITNESS: Every woman has a story, every story can create change

Camp VJ: Interview tips from Chicago's Carol Marin

India 'voices for change' video

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